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Oct 13, 2012 12:00am PDT
city, i live in san francisco, i don't know who lives-to-doors down. so there is a start-up that we're not-- i think it's interesting called next door, they allow to you connect with your neighbors and you know, hi raccoons break in my house three nights ago. i posted on there that raccoons had got then my house and hi ten neighbors respond within three or four hours. that's never been possibleler. i'm conducting with a community that you know is creating a neighborhood watch program. it's like these types of technologies, the raccoons are creating the-but these types of technologies are creating new industries and very exciting new technologies to enable communication that didn't exist before. >> when i say disruption what i am thinking of is putting something in front of me or an idea, that seems uncomfortably impossible. that i think larry has used the phrase a healthy disregard for the impossible. so if i can"7çkÑoc easily image go. >> rose: a healthy disregard for the impossible. >> correct. >> i love that. >> that is the kind of entrepreneur that we're looking to fund an
Oct 13, 2012 3:00am EDT
i'm trying to find the next mark zuckerberg. i'm in coffeeshops in san francisco meeting with entrepreneurs, i probably go to 10 to 15 different start-ups during a week. i want to find big disruptive ideas. >> rose: but with ideas before they've done anything to move forward on the ideas. >> absolutely. sometimes it is an entrepreneur that has an idea that hasn't even started coding it yet but they have done something previously that was interesting. so i know they have the means to go about building something. and they just want to, you know, brainstorm with me and white board some of these ideas out. >> farther of-- part of what we are looking for is we're investing in teams and people, more than products at the early stages. so you are looking for larry and sergei as they were starting out. because they're what made google different from lycos and the other search engines. so we're looking for people that fit that mold. >> rose: and how do you find them? and what are they like? >> two questions so, how do we find them. this is a social business. so it has to do with network
Oct 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
the washington post your own hometown newspaper after san francisco, on debt, that is one and the other is, ceo's call for deficit action and so the question is, what is going to happen? let's assume president obama is reelected to the fiscal cliff. give us what you think is possible. >> okay. as you know, just to put it in context, we are at a place where in -- in order to raise the debt ceiling the republican agreed to -- well, everybody agreed to but the republicans all voted for, including the leadership a plan where we would have a super committee which would reduce the deficit by x amount of dollars and if not, we would go to a place where there would be a firewall between five and a half billion -- $500 billion, defense, domestic, just to put it in -- >> rose: right. >> not the best way to go about it, we should have been able to do it in the super committee but in order to do that, you have to have revenue. now, all of these people, the ceos -- >> rose: all say you need revenue -- >> all missing in action. no they are wonderful on that score but all missing in action when
Oct 5, 2012 12:00pm EDT
how we do it in san francisco, the scanner tabulates, it looks at the paper ballot and tan hates the results and tremendous end zero at the end it gives you the counts, afterwards you can check on the computer and the scanner because you have the original paper ballots that the voter filled out so the voter knows they accurately reflect the voters' will. >> rose: what is the worst thing that has happened with voter machines? >> that is difficult, we may not know, we may not know. >> rose: okay. but is there any 11 in lawyer being the most famous case of voting machines irregularities? >> well, i would actually push back a little on that, because the machines in florida. >> rose: the problem -- >> of course it was a problem in 2000 bus that was paper, hanging chads, that's right, it was, but the vote in florida was all paper. well at that point they had machines tabulating the paper but the computers came in florida in 2002 where they had problems again because the machines took a lot of time to start up and people were disenfranchised. >> rose: and people would be disenfranchised
Oct 15, 2012 10:00am EDT
think it is tough for these sites, i have a couple friends that have local businesses in san francisco. and one of them has a tea shop and has gone on groupon several times, has done these great deals. he gets a lot of people that come in but oftentimes they come in just forth deal, they never return, they never tip the wait staff and it's just a bad experience. >> rose: it's one time. >> it's one time and somehow they have to figure out a way around that. >> rose: the idea was you will use that to get them to come back and they will become regular customers. >> it just doesn't happen often times. >> rose: people who use those are not looking to become regular. >> i guess it depends on the type of demographic. i have heard certain guilt type deal sites that have a slightly higher demographic that are better for these types of deals. so everyone-- they. >> take zenga as an example. >> rose: exactly. >> do what you have is sort of like a new version of a movie studio. a hits-based business. unless they can keep the hits coming and they did for a long time. and if they can bring the hits back,
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)